Please carefully adhere to these instructions.

First download the form below, fill it with your complete the information with a pen or by typing on it, and signing the appropriate sections.

Scan all relevant documents, and attach it with the PERSONAL DATA FORM, and send to

Requirement (Please scan relevant documents to

 – Educational documents /Training Certificates.

– Resume.

– International passport data page.

– Birth certificate.

– Marriage Certificate (if Married).

– Passport Photographs.

Please note that service charge applies

Once you are screened successfully, you will be sent the acceptance/offer letter from the sponsoring company.

Visa application will be done offshore; Once your visa grant is approved, you will be booked for medicals and bio-metric in your home country. Once the visa is stamped into your passport, you are FREE to travel to Canada

Please contact us with the following

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Good News! If you want to WORK in CANADA in 2019.

Canada immigration group of young multi ethnic people holding banner isolated

New Slots for 2019 are now available on a first come first serve basis.

Canada is hiring skilled workers and our Partners has been doing a great job in getting  everything done for all our applicants including getting you a JOB OFFER / CONTRACT Letter / Visa consulting / Airport pickup.

We have 115 SLOTS to go,All countries can apply

We have partner with 50 companies, and partners in Canada to provide our clients with the Canada Inland Arranged Employment Program (IAEP). The Canada Inland Arranged Employment (IAEP) allows applicant to have access to a pre-employment application while they are still in their home country, then obtain an offer of employment on arrival in Canada while they undergo a Post Arrival job specific training if need be.

Advantages of the IAEP includes access to Open Work Permit, access to multiple offers, access to live in any part of Canada and switch employer at any time.

Access to Bridging Programs A Bridging Program helps you expand your cultural and professional understanding in Canada, applicant will also have access to Volunteer Works which will enable them build a Canada experience profile.

There are no program delays, or application refusal by some province or employers like the LMIA program.

APPLY TODAY, and start a new life in Canada this year.


How do you Apply

– Gather all the required documents together

– Pay the package /application fee

– Obtain the form

– Submit your documents and the forms.

– Wait for your tracking ID

– Follow up with your application

– Obtain your Job offer / Contract documents

– Apply for Visa.


 – Educational documents /Training Certificates.

– Resume.

– 2 Recommendation letters for those without high school diploma

(Skilled Trade categories)

– International passport data page.

– Birth certificate.

– Marriage Certificate (if Married).

– Two Passport Photographs.

– Letter of Intent.

– Service Charge

Take Charge of Your Life Starting Today!

In the past many eligible applicants lost their chance to apply when immigration policy changes were implemented.  Most of these individuals believed that immigration rules would remain the same and took their time deciding on legal assistance or drowned themselves in irrelevant details before signing up with Move Oversea Jobs International (MOJI) and they lost their chance.  It’s sad to say it but all those people and their spouses, children and even parents missed out on what could have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure Visas.

 We are not leaving any application untouched if there’s any application with delays do contact us.


 From MOJI.

WhatsApp: +1(917) 768 0218



The Power of Residency Permit

This is how to relocate
keep cool and learn

As the world global economy growth continues to shrink, more countries are increasingly tightening their immigration borders. Even liberal countries such as the US and Canada are putting stringent measures to keep people out. The US house just approved about $1.8B for President Donald Trump to build his wall, and keep his Southern America neighbors out.

As socialist and far right leanings in Europe continue to take root, there is a growing anti immigration feelings, and a festering of that lie that immigrants from other countries are coming to take jobs from the people. Once you have this melting pot of wrong perception, more repressive immigration laws are usually the attendant result.

If this development continue, it has the potential to limit your opportunities to travel from your home country, relocate to another for better opportunities, or migrate to another country to give yourself and your family a better life. Immigration laws are sometimes made on public sentiments, and the rising sentiments is that these countries want you out, or don’t want you in.

Assylum Seekers and War of EU

The clampdown on illegal immigrants is increasing by the day, and becoming more inhumane. Most countries are pulling out from granting asylum to genuine asylum seekers. While the European Union and its member states continued to pledge their commitment to human rights, foreign policy initiatives were often undermined by other national interests, including security, trade and access to natural resources; a desire to prevent refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants from arriving in Europe; and a failure of the EU’s External Action Service to provide principled leadership on behalf of human rights.

Basically if you travel with a visit visa outside your country and you are thinking of overstaying your visa, do have a rethink. The leniency in the system is virtually non existent now. You must bear in mind that these people really don’t want you in their country.

This is how to stay legally in the country of your dream

You can go with a study permit, and then extend your study till you qualify for a residency permit. But it is increasingly becoming difficult to get a study permit visa to US, Canada, Germany and other first world countries, not also forgetting the prohibitive cost associated with such a venture. You can use some of the government programs available to permanently relocate, but the laws keep changing, and many better qualified candidates are also applying.

You can do ‘come and marry’. Fall in love with with a citizen from the country you want to relocate to, grow the relationship to respectable level and marry the person. This is easy for many countries but you should study their immigration laws as it relates to spousal visa. Of course this will take some time to nurture and grow, and you require a lot of patience, time and some investments. If you 9 months to 2 years, this is a very safe route to follow.

You can get a work permit directly from your country. Maybe you work with an international organization which has a branch office in your country. You can be sent to another office in say the US, Canada or in the EU and this will be an easy and stress free way to relocate permanently.

A company in say US, Canada or Germany can offer you a job. As long as they are qualify to sponsor a foreign national to come and work with them, this is a very good route to follow to your dream country.

Another Fast Route to Follow

All the methods given above are very circumstantial; some of the elements are way beyond your country, and the final decision will depend a number of varying factors. So I present to you a predictable method of leaving your country, gaining residency and eventually qualifying for a citizenshiop, assuming your country permit a second passport.

Rule 1: You will only concentrate on countries with potential. This will mean there is economy growth, it should be way better than your home country, experience a level of life that is better than most countries, has lot of business opportunities and high standard of living.

Rule 2: Choose a country that will not be the usual suspects. Usually when you want to choose a country, or you are thinking of a country to relocate to, your first thought may point to US, Canada, EU, Australia etc. Now don’t short change yourself. Eventually you will be in prime position to come to such countries but go to a country that will be easy for you, and where you can thrive.

Rule 3: The country you choose should have economic, social and political relationship with the US, Canada, UK, and the EU, and oh China obviously.

Rule 4: Start and conclude your application in record time.

What we can do for you…

We can do evaluate you and discover the best country for you. Also we can help with your application. In the next 30-60 days, you can start your relocation process.

Whatsapp:+1(917) 768 0218